Walk of Causes – Episode 3

For all the refugees

After having spent a whole day trying to pronounce Arabic, we understood that we probably had to find another way to communicate with the local people. A big smile on your face can usually bring you quite far, (though it didn’t take us to Tacheaa), and body language can be pretty universal. Apparenty, Jørgen believes that he can translate from Arabic to English by reading face expressions! And sometimes that’s all you need to make a new FaceBook friend from the mountains of Lebanon.

See 2famous.TV to see how we live our lives now, trying to break through as actors in the Middle East. See our ups and downs, as we make our lives public.

Due to the many conflicts around the world, millions of people have had to leave their homes. Many of these have found their way to Lebanon, which is the home to more than half a million refugees.

We could not find any sponsors for this episode, so we could not give Lina any money, but we support the work she does for the kids in the Burj el Barajneh, one of the palestinian refugee camps in Beirut. She runs a project called Kahhaha that aims to improve the living conditions and quality of life of the children living in the camp.

See her blog if you would like to read more about her work.



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